A Cat Corral Will Keep Your Feline Friend Safe While They Enjoy Time Outdoors

Cats tend to be independent creatures and enjoy spending time outdoors just like their canine counterparts. Unfortunately, living in a busy metropolis can limit the amount of outdoor exposure that your cat receives. You may even be inclined to keep your pet indoors at all times if you are fearful of your cat running away or being injured by a moving vehicle. A cat corral is the answer to your dilemma.

Decide On An Enclosure Type

A cat corral is a type of enclosure that contains wire or mesh fencing. Choose an enclosure that contains four walls that are the same length or a more diverse structure that will allow your cat to explore a vast expanse of your property.

An enclosure that is larger can include narrow pathways that lead to a larger play and rest area or one wide open area that includes multiple platforms that your cat can use when they wish to view the outdoors from an elevated vantage point.

Choose An Ideal Location

The cat corral should provide ample space but should be set up in an area that you can closely monitor. For example, if one or more of your neighbors own dogs, avoid placing the fencing in an area where your pet cat will be visible when the dogs spend time outdoors, especially if you are not readily available to intervene if your cat appears to be agitated.

A patio that adjoins your home or a patch of grass that is next to your residence's front or back door will both be suitable spots. Also, even though the enclosure will have a wire or mesh rooftop, you need to add additional protection so that your cat is not exposed to direct sunlight. A portable canopy or shade tree will block sunlight so that your cat won't become overheated on warm days.

Make sure that your pet has a steady supply of food and water, and check on your feline regularly to make sure that they are doing well in their new enclosure. Limit the amount of time spent outdoors each day so that your pet is exposed to indoor and outdoor settings on a consistent basis.

Use Some Time-Tested Accessories

The corral should contain some accessories that your cat prefers so that your pet will be comfortable spending time in the new outdoor feature. A scratching post, balls, catnip mice, and bedding are some examples of accessories that will fit inside of a cat fenced-in area. Naturally, items should be removed at the end of each play session so that they do not get wet when it is raining.

If you plan to keep any of the items inside of the enclosure on a permanent basis, choose accessories that are waterproof and fairly easy to clean, in case the items become soiled by mud or debris that has fallen from the trees in your yard. 

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