4 Tips For Creating The Best Habitat For Your Gecko

If you are going to get a gecko, you want to make sure that you create an inviting habitat that your gecko will enjoy. Your gecko will no longer be going out in the wild, so it is on you to make as inviting a home as possible for your gecko.

#1 Give Your Gecko Lots of Light

Gecko's natural habit is near the equator, where they are exposed to twelve to fourteen hours of daylight each day. You need to make sure that your gecko is getting that much daylight inside of your home. After daylight, your gecko needs that time followed up by real darkness, not kind of darkness where other lights are on.

You can achieve the level of light that your gecko needs with special lights that you put on a timer. Make sure that you use lights that let off UVB and UVA light rays, as your gecko needs exposure to both of these types of light.

In the evening, don't just turn off the lights. Cover up the tank with a lightweight, breathable material. You want to really cover up their space and allow them to enjoy real darkness, like they would find in the middle of the jungle.

#2 Keep the Humidity High

Next, you need to keep the humidity level high when you have a gecko. Their natural habitats are really humid, and they have adapted so that they can breathe through their skin. Don't just give your gecko water to drink, make sure to provide your gecko with water to cool off and soak in as well. This water should have a large surface area. Putting a large amount of water in your iguana habitat will help facilitate a humid environment.

#3 Use Lots of Plants

Try to purchase and bring in plants that are natural to the gecko's natural habitat. For example, you can find hibiscus and Dracaena in the gecko's natural habitat. Just make sure that none of the plants that you bring in have any pesticides on them. It is best to rinse off any plants to remove any potential lingering chemicals before bringing them into your iguana's habitat.

#4 Add Sticks

Add some big sticks to your gecko's habit that they can climb up on. Gecko's like to be able to climb, and they enjoy resting on sticks and feeling like they are hiding out. Help create this natural feeling by adding large sticks to your gecko's habitat.

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