3 Features To Look For In A Dog Bed For Your Great Dane

Loyal and loving, the Great Dane is perhaps one of the most beloved dog breeds there is. These gentle giants can weigh as much as 180 pounds and stand on average 30 to 31 inches in height, according to Wikipedia. Keeping such a large dog in the house means you will definitely want it to have a bed of its own. Otherwise, you could end up sacrificing your entire sofa or bed so your lounging pooch has a comfortable spot to lie down. Picking the best dog bed for a Great Dane is a challenge, but not an impossible feat. Here are a few features to look for in a big dog bed for your big breed dog. 

Look for a dog bed that has a platform to raise it from the ground. 

Because your Great Dane is such a tall canine, it will likely prefer to rest on a raised place. Many Great Dane owners complain that their Danes are couch potatoes and take up the entire sofa when they feel lazy. Therefore, picking a big dog bed that is raised up off of the floor on a platform is the best bet if you want to make sure the bed will be used by your pet. 

Look for a dog bed that has bordering edges. 

Great Danes are playful and fun-loving dogs, but they can also be a little timid and a little clumsy if they feel like they are in an unsecured place. If you do go for a dog bed that is on a platform for your beloved dog, opt for a bed that has some kind of bordering edges. This will allow the dog to climb on and lay down without fearing they will slip off of the edges and fall. 

Look for a dog bed that is firm and not overly cushy. 

The weight of the Great Dane is pretty hefty, so if you go for a cushy, fluffy dog bed with a lot of soft filler material, the dog will sink down to the bottom of the bed just by lying on it. For a dog that is so heavy, it is better if you go with a dog bed that has a firmer texture. Test out different beds by putting your own weight against it to see how it stands up. Just like humans need a semi-firm mattress so they do not sink into it, your Great Dane should have the same. 

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