Reasons To Keep Your Dog Out Of The Front Seat

If you're looking for canine-related accessories to add to your car, one item that you might find is a front seat dog net barrier. This device can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but essentially consists of a net that spans between the two front seats, forming a barrier that will prevent your pet dog from moving from the back of the car to the front. There are undoubtedly people who enjoy having their dogs in the front seats of their vehicles, but keeping the animal behind you is always your best bet. Here are some reasons that you don't want your dog close to you when you're driving.


There's little question that a dog in the front seat of a vehicle can be distracting. While some dogs will sit on the seat or floor on the passenger side, others aren't as good with boundaries and will seek to get on your lap or get on the floor under your legs. This can obviously be highly distracting, which is the last thing that you want when you're driving. Some dogs are so big that if they were to get on your lap, they'd affect your ability to see through the windshield. When you keep your pet behind you, you're limiting its ability to distract you.


Hopefully, you'll never be in an accident when you're driving with your dog. If you are, however, it's better for the dog to be in the back of the vehicle. If your car stops abruptly, your seatbelt will stop you from lurching forward and making contact with the steering wheel. An animal in the front seat, especially in a vehicle without a passenger-side airbag that is engaged, could easily fly into the windshield, resulting in a serious injury or death. If your vehicle were hit in a T-bone collision on the passenger side, the impact could send the dog into your body at a high rate of speed. Having the dog in the back seat is the best way to protect it and you.


While having your dog in the front seat of your car isn't necessarily a ticket-worthy offense, you can expect that a police officer will pull you over if he or she believes that the dog is interfering with your ability to drive safely. This may be because the dog is on your lap, or it may be because a large dog on the passenger seat is impeding your vision out the passenger-side window. Keeping your dog in the back of the vehicle means that you won't get a distracted driving ticket for any pet-related issue.

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