Four Tips For Selecting The Perfect Dog Bed

Providing your dog with a comfortable place to snooze keeps them healthy and happy. It can also help keep the dog off of your furniture. If you have a larger dog, then it's important to choose the right bed.

1. Know Your Dog's Weight and Size

Weight is only one consideration when it comes to choosing the right dog bed. The actual dimensions of your dog need to also be considered. Pick a large bed for dogs between 60 and 100 pounds, and an extra-large bed for dogs greater than 100 pounds. Consider sizing up to a larger bed for smaller dogs if they have a long body length. For example, labradors on average weigh around 70 lbs, but they can take up a lot of space because they can measure up to 6 feet from nose tip to tail tip. For this reason, an extra-large bed may be a better option because it will contain the dog's extra length.

2. Select for Sleeping Style

Dogs tend to fall into two camps when it comes to sleeping style -- the compact sleeper and the sprawler. Compact sleepers prefer to sleep curled up. They often get comfort by sleeping in smaller beds with raised edges because they prefer to feel surrounded and safe while they are sleeping. Sprawlers may sleep on their side with their legs straight out, on their stomach with their paws tucked under their head, or even on their back with legs in all directions. A sprawler will generally sleep better on larger beds that are shaped more like a large round or rectangular cushion. Raised edges and berms will just get in their way. 

3. Consider Filler Options

Beds are available in a range of materials. Beds filled with synthetic materials are suitable for most dogs. These materials hold loft well and compact slowly, so you should get a long life out of the bed. If you have an older dog or a pup with joint pain, consider memory foam or polystyrene beads for the filler. These materials help provide cushion on stress points, which can make your dog much more comfortable.

4. Cater to Specific Needs

You may have specific needs for your dog's bed. For example, it's usually best to opt for a bed with a washable or replaceable cover so you can keep the bed clean. If your dog is a chewer, then you need to get a bed that has a chew-resistant cover. For beds to be used outdoors or in a dog house, opt for one made from mildew-resistant material.

The perfect big dog bed can ensure your pup sleeps comfortably. If you have a large dog, consider picking up a big dog bed.

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